General Description Of The Institution

» General Description Of The Institution



Toros University was founded by the Mersin Educational Foundation in Mersin in 2009. In accordance with Article 130 of the 1982 Constitution, when the opportunity was given to open a university to non-profit foundations upon the decision of the Board of Directors dated 07.07.1982 and numbered 82/09, with the amendment made to the deed of The Mersin Education Foundation and the necessary permissions were obtained, and on April 26, 1984, with the decision of the court, the foundation of Toros University was included in the deed. 

Considering the conditions of the process, the draft law on the foundation of the university, which is a very progressive target, passed on the TBMM General Assembly on 23.06.2009. With the approval of the President of the Republic, it entered into force by being published in the Official Newspaper dated July 7, 2009 and numbered 27281.

The founding rectorship was undertaken by Prof. Dr. Selahattin Kuru. Toros University attracts attention as a city university that embraces the city with the campuses located in the city center. As the 3rd Generation University, which adopts the principle "Beyond Education, Into Life", the university welcomed its first students in 2011. Toros University, which started its education life with 78 students, reached up to 4000 students by 2016.

In the academic year 2010-2011 academic year, education and teaching started by accepting students to the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Fine Arts and the Vocational High School.

Toros University has 3 Faculties, 1 School of Health Sciences, 1 Vocational School of Higher Education, 1 School of Foreign Languages and 2 Institutes. Faculty of Economic Administrative and Social Sciences was established in 2009, Faculty of Engineering in 2009, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design and Architecture in 2009, School of Health Sciences in 2012, Vocational School of Higher Education in 2009, and Institute of Science and Social Sciences in 2009.

Toros University Continuous Education and Research Center TORSEM was established in 2012 to train qualified personnel in line with the needs of the sector in our university which believes that life-long education is necessary.


Toros University announced its first graduates in the Education Period of 2014-2015.


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Prof. Dr. Ömer ARIÖZ

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Foundation University

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Not:  As of April 16, 2019, the number of students, academic and administrative staff are the same as in the table.