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As the eastern pearl of the Mediterranean, Mersin is a cheap and easy city compared to other cities in terms of living expenses. The most important items of living expenses of students are transportation, accommodation, and daily living expenses.


Considering the standards of living, with its campuses located in Yenişehir, one of Mersin's favorite districts, Toros University is in walking distance to the social areas frequently visited by the students. With this location feature, our university makes it easy to take advantage of all the facilities of the city. As is the case in all universities, Turkish Toros University students can also stay in the dormitories of the Loan and Dormitories Institution (YURTKUR). However, exchange students can’t benefit from this service. Exchange students can stay in private dormitories or rent furnished/unfurnished apartments close to the university. Furthermore, we have a dormitory at our university with a capacity of 86 beds.

There are many private dormitories near our university. These dormitories provide the students the options of staying in a single room or sharing a room with other students. Monthly fees vary from 75 € to 150 € in private dormitories. Breakfast costs change from 2 € to 3 €. At the apartments nearby our university, the students have the chance to share a flat with other students. When considering the cost of living in our city, expenses such as electricity, water and heating can be covered with an average monthly cost of 100 to 200 € per person.

The students of our university, which can be reached at every hour of the day, have the opportunity to travel to all parts of the city by minibuses. The student fare in the minibuses in Mersin is € 0.50.

The nearest airport to Mersin is in Adana, which is located in the east. It is possible to reach Adana by road and train. In addition, you can travel to various regions of our country through the Mersin Train Station. The distance between Adana-Mersin is 83 km and it takes approximately 1 hour according to the traffic situation. A round-trip ticket for Adana-Mersin can be purchased for 2.5 €.

 (NOTE: Cukurova Regional Airport, which will be the largest airport in our region, is planned to open in 2018. This airport will be located within the Mersin province borders.)

Under the light of the above information, the living expenses of an average student is approximately 350 € per month.