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Students take English Language Course at Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Programs at Toros University. In order to learn and improve their research skills in a foreign language, students of the Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Programs take compulsory three hours English Language Course a week.

A proficiency examination in English Language is administered by the Preparatory School at the beginning of each academic year for Bachelor’s Degree Programs. To pass the proficiency examination, students should obtain 60 out of 100 for all departments except, students of Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture and Vocational Schools. Students of these departments do not have to enter the proficiency examination, but take compulsory three hours of English Language teaching per week in their program.

Students who have completed their secondary education in a country where the native language is English, and/or students who present an official document indicating the valid score achieved at an another School of Foreign Language and/or students who submit the results of examinations such as TOEFL, YDS, and/or other examinations recognized by the Council of Higher Education, obtained during the last two years on the condition that the results are in accordance with the valid scores determined and announced by the Executive Board of the School of Foreign Languages, Toros University, are exempt from the Preparatory School Program.


International Students

The language of instruction is;

·         100% English in all departments of Faculty of Engineering except Civil Engineering Department which is 30%.

·         100% English in all departments of Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Social Sciences except Department of Psychology which is 30%.

·         Turkish in Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture.

·         Turkish in Vocational Schools and Institutions.

The regulations of Toros University on Compulsory Foreign Language and Foreign Language Preparatory Education are administered to the students who are accepted to Toros University.

Exchange/Erasmus Students

Students, who are accepted as Exchange or Erasmus students in one of the above mentioned departments, should have minimum B1 level language band.