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Student Affairs is the department where every student operations takes place, from registration up until graduation.


The Student affairs office is located in the Bahçelievler Campus. The Student information system is used to perform operations.

Registration, course selection, grade follow-up of exchange students are performed by international office, faculties/vocational school and student affairs.

Operations performed at the Student Affairs;

• New registration,

• Re-registration,

• YÖK correspondence related to opening and closing new departments,

• Tracking and controlling course registration,

• Recruitment procedures,

• Tracking ÖSYM scholarship,

• Printing certificate of high honors and certificate of honor students,

• Transcript operations,

• Drafting student certificate,

• Special talent registration operations,

• Statistics related to student number,

• Foreign student affairs,

• Student identification cards,

• Examining potential graduates,

• Diploma printing operations,

• Undergraduate transfer operations,

• Vertical transfer operations,

• Credit and Dormitories Institution scholarship, loan tracking and correspondence

• ÖSYM quota, base point,

• ÖSYM statistics,

• YÖK statistics,


This unit provides information about students to the units in the university and work with all the units co-ordinately.

The Head of Student Affairs: 
Ökkeş ÇAM

Contact Information:


Bahçelievler Kampüsü , 1857 Sokak, No 12, Yenişehir 33140, Mersin

Phone Number:+90324) 325 33 00

GSM:+90530 290 96 95

FAX: +90324) 325 33 01

E-mail:[email protected]