Faculty Of Economıc, Admınıstratıve And Socıal Scıences
Psychology (Englısh)

The Psychology Department was established in 2010 within the faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences .

Qualification Awarded
Bachelor's Degree

Level of Qualification:
First Cycle

Admission & Registration Requirements
To enter the Department of Psychology, it is required to finish secondary education or get an equivalent education abroad and receive a sufficent score in the national student placement exam.

Recognition of Prior Learning
Students who are accepted to register in the Department of Psychology are students who complete secondary education or get an equivalent education abroad and receive sufficent score in the nationol student placement exam.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations
To get an undergraduate degree in Psychology, it is required to complete 240 ECTS (144 national credits) credits and have at least 2,00 general academic average out of 4,00.

Profile of the Programme
The main objective of the Psychology Department is to educate students as psychologists capable of applying current knowledge, methods and techniques when required. The department also aims to equip students with knowledge and practical skills for the fundamental research in the field.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates
Some of our students work in hospitals, counseling centers (e.g., health centers of universities), nursery schools and higher level schools, research institutions, or assume administrative and research positions at certain ministries (e.g., mental health section of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice). They can also work at various advertisement firms, and other public and private organizations to develop assessment techniques for selection, placement and to coordinate human relationships public relations and human resources. Naturally, the level at which they will be employed and the nature of their responsibilities will tend to vary depending on their post-graduate qualifications and the requirements of the related institutions

Access to Further Studies
The applicants with high academic performance in undergraduate programs and with high grades at Postgraduate Education Exam are admitted to the program. The students are also tested for English proficiency. Those, who are not successful in the English Proficiency Exam must complete a one-year English Proficiency Program at the University.

Examination, Assessment and Grading Regulations
Examination regulations, assessment and grading for every unit are defined in detail in the “Unit Plan” of Toros University Undergraduate Teaching and Examination Regulations.

Graduation Requirements
To receive at least 2,00 general academic average out of 4,00 in order to complete succsesfully all courses in the programme (240 ACTS equivalent to 144 national credits)

Mode of Study

Departmental Facilities
Our department has seven full-time faculty members, including 3 professor, 3 assistant professor and 2 research assistant, who are conducting educational and scientific activities at undergraduate and graduate level.

Contact Information
Head of Department Prof. Dr. BANU YAZGAN İNANÇ
Diploma Supplement & ECTS Coordinator of Department Res. Assist. HÜSAMETTİN YAZAR
Postal Address Bahçelievler Mahallesi 16. Cadde No: 77, 33140 Yenişehir / Mersin, Türkiye
Postal Code 33140
Phone +90(324) 325 33 00
Fax +90(324) 325 33 01
Web Address http://bologna.toros.edu.tr/?id=/programme&program=147
E-Mail [email protected]
Country Türkiye Cumhuriyeti
City Mersin
Town Yenişehir