Vocatıonal School

Logistics Program started in 2010-2011 academic year under the name of Management and Organization Department of Toros University Vocational School.

Qualification Awarded
Graduates who have successfully completed the program are awarded an Associate Degree in the field of "Logistics Profession".

Level of Qualification:
Short Cycle

Admission & Registration Requirements
Candidates must have a high school and a balanced school diploma and have sufficient points in the related field of the OSYM's central examination (OSYS).

Recognition of Prior Learning
Students studying at Toros University may be exempt from certain courses within the framework of certain regulations. Students will be exempted from classes if their course content is approved by and approved by the relevant school / faculty board of directors.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations
To achieve at least a 2.0 weighted grade average over 4.00 to successfully complete all of the courses available in the program (for a total of 120 ECTS credits).

Profile of the Programme
With the Toros University Logistics Program, specialist intermediaries required by the sectors are cultivated in the fields where logistics activities are carried out. In the Logistics Program, it is aimed to train the experts who are needed to provide support to the execution and development of the logistics activities in the sector by providing a 2-year training with the support of the students, experienced experts in the sector and successful instructors in the field.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates
Our associates; They can work in logistics companies. Logistic Units of Production, Service and Sales Companies Logistic Companies (3rd Party Logistic Service Providers Land, Air, Sea, Railway and Intermodal Transportation Companies

Access to Further Studies
Graduates can continue their education at the undergraduate level successfully in DGS examination.

Examination, Assessment and Grading Regulations
In this program; Different evaluation methods such as midterm, homework, exercise, project, practice and final exam are applied. Assessment methods may include classical exam, multiple choice exam, homework, performance evaluation and product evaluation.

Graduation Requirements
Students who have successfully completed all of the courses in the program (for a total of 120 ECTS) and who have achieved at least 2 weighted grade average over 4.00, and who pass the passing grade from the internship report prepared with the professional internship, will be awarded the Associate's Degree in the field of LOGISTICS.

Mode of Study

Departmental Facilities
In the Management and Organization Department Logistics Program, 3 lecturers are working. All instructors have a computer and internet connection in each room.

Contact Information
Head of Department Lect. HÜLYA GÜNDOĞDU
Diploma Supplement & ECTS Coordinator of Department Lect. AYŞE GÜNGÖR
Postal Address 45 Evler Kampüsü Bahçelievler Mahallesi 16. Cadde No: 77, 33140 Yenişehir / Mersin, Türkiye
Postal Code 33140
Phone +90(324) 325 33 00
Fax +90(324) 325 33 01
Web Address http://bologna.toros.edu.tr/?id=/programme&program=81
E-Mail [email protected]
Country Türkiye Cumhuriyeti
City Mersin
Town Yenişehir