Faculty Of Fıne Arts, Desıgn And Archıtecture

# Programme Outcomes
1 NQF-HETR Having knowledge on the professional ethics and responsibility in teh field of architecture
  • ►Bilgi ►58-Mimarlık ve Yapı Alanıyla ilgili kurumsal ve etik değerler konusunda bilgi ve kavrayışa sahiptir
2 NQF-HETR Interdisciplinary studies and gain the ability to do research.
  • ►Yet - İlet ►6-Lisans Organize and implement project and activities for social environment with a sense of social responsibility
  • ►Yet - Öğr ►58-Mimarlık ve Yapı Yaşam boyu öğrenme bilinciyle hareket eder
  • ►Yet - Öğr ►6-Lisans Develop positive attitude towards lifelong learning
  • ►Yet - Alan ►6-Lisans Possess sufficient consciousness about the issues of universality of social rights, social justice, quality, cultural values and also, environmental protection, worker's health and security
3 NQF-HETR with all stakeholders within the organization which has the right to perform both verbal communication and the transfer of information both in writing and communication skills can manage.
  • ►Yet - İlet ►6-Lisans Inform people and institutions, transfer ideas and solution proposals to problems in written and orally on issues in the field