Arrangements For Academic Guidance

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Associate Degree and Undergraduate Level

A student advisor is assigned by the relevant unit for each student. The advisor guides the student, helps the student in solving problems related to education and teaching activities and university life. Renewal of courses and dropping courses are done by the approval of the advisor. 

A student tracking file is kept in each unit in order to carry out  the counseling effectively.



Starting from the admission of the program, an academic advisor is appointed to each student by the Institute of Board of Management. The duty of the academic advisor is to monitor the student’s academic standing, to guide the registration, and course selecting procedures.

For the students enrolled in the thesis Master's program, a thesis supervisor shall be appointed by the related institute board of directors by the end of the second semester at the latest. If more than one thesis supervisor is required in case of a need concerning the quality of the thesis, a second thesis supervisor is appointed. The Master's thesis advisor is chosen among the teaching members or the instructors with the qualifications determined by the Senate.


Until the beginning of the third semester, it is obligatory to appoint a thesis supervisor for the students who enrolled Doctorate program. The thesis supervisor is selected from the faculty lecturers. A second thesis supervisor is appointed when the quality of the thesis work requires more than one thesis supervisor. The second thesis advisor must hold a Doctorate degree.